Wally Birds

Just in time for the Holiday Season, a new flock of Wally Birds has come to roost at Century Studios. These wonderful creatures are hand made, salt glazed stoneware jars which have been fired in a wood-fueled kiln. Our limited selection reflects the time and effort put into each piece, and every bird is a one of a kind creation with a distinct personality!

Our newest birds include:

The Dodo – This rare specimen of a long extinct, flightless breed of birds had to waddle into the studio on his two study legs. He hopped up onto the counter and demanded to be the center of attention!

Merry Bird –  A happy go lucky gent with a buoyant charm, this bird exhibits a joie de vivre that is infectious!

Cunning Crow – Black as night and twice as mischievous, this is the first pitch black feathered bird to arrive at the studio. Is he really a Raven waiting to utter, Nevermore”? You will have to judge for yourself…

Frog Jar – Not a bird, but still a jar, this friendly frog hopped along for the ride. The shiny glaze on this jolly fellow gives him the look of just climbing out of a pond and sunning himself on a nearby lily pad.

The following birds are also available in our showroom:

Quincy – Named Quincy for his strong resemblance to the 4th President of the United States, this is the original Early Bird who caught the worm – which is why he has a grin on his face.

Wiley Bird – An evil grin, a sharp beak and a crafty look says this bird has more than birdseed on his mind.

Worried Bird – Unsure where his next worm or crust of bread is coming from, this dyspeptic fellow has an intense expression with dark rimmed pop eyes.

Shy Bird – This little fellow has reluctantly left the nest and is looking for a quiet, retiring perch to call his own.

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