We completed our order for multiple chandelier fixtures and shipped them to New York state.
The 22″ Turtleback shade has five lights inside and a large turtleback tile at the bottom of the shade. The amber turtleback tiles are complimented by the rich amber background glass.

The two other fixtures were a pair of inverted 16″ Acorn chandeliers. We seem to be working in multiples this year, creating matchings pairs of lamps for clients. These two fixtures will hang in the same room and have a turtleback tile at the bottom of each shade. Each fixture has three lights illuminating the shade. In the photo at the top of the posting, you can see that the acorn band has a greener background than the rest of the shade, setting off the acorns themselves from the geometric rows.

Last week we sent out the 2011 Limited Edition Dragonfly Vases to everyone who ordered them. Our edition of 25 numbered pieces is sold out. Watch for delivery this week!

Written by Century Studios

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  1. These are great! It’s such great fun to follow all the magnificent creations you two come up with…Larry