Owl Window

A local client recently commissioned an owl window for her husband as a birthday gift. The completed window was approximately 27″ x 30″ and was finished in a cherry frame to hang in his home office/study.

Using a favorite print by John James Audubon as inspiration for the window, we were asked to add more color to the image since the original print shows owls against a fairly flat night sky. Bill added drama to the image with the background glass.

The owls are completely hand painted on the glass by Bill, using powdered minerals which are fired in a kiln to fuse the painting to the surface of the glass. Using the print as a guide, the details of feathers and faces are recreated on the glass.

Once the owls were completely painted and fired, the window was foiled and soldered together.

The completed window made a wonderful birthday surprise.

Written by Century Studios


  1. Wow, it turned out great! It was fun to be able to see in “in process.”

  2. This is fabulous! I mentioned it in my blog today so you may get some more visitors…

  3. Very Nice!
    I have always wanted to learn how to make stained glass pieces.
    Hey from Diane

  4. Your sister sent me! (Capadia). I wish I lived near your store, I would live in there and dream. I just love stained glass. I would fill my home with it if I could afford it. Beautiful work.

  5. CJ

    The pictures are elegant. Your work is wonderful. My mother gave me a picture of owls years ago.
    The old saying is if someone gives you owls of any kind they will bring you luck, now with yours also beauty.

  6. how fun the see how it is made, thanks for the show and tell. I came by becasue Diana CAmpbell told me about your stained glass windows. ;-D She told me to say “hi”, “HI”

  7. Your sister sent me to your site from hers. Your window is amazing and beautiful. Such lovely detail and gorgeous colors. Truly envious of your talent.

  8. Hi
    I came from Diane’s blog and am I ever impressed with the gorgeous work you do.

  9. Love the owl window!!! Came from Dianes blog to say Hi and to see the process of this awesome window!!!
    GREAT JOB!!!

  10. Hello! I’ve actually been here before getting inspiration for my own stained glass works…but came over today to say “Hi” from your sis Diane! Beautiful work!

  11. Absolutely beautiful owl window! Diane had it showcased on her blog and I wanted to see the details on how your created it. I can tell that talent runs deep in your family! I also love the dragonfly on your logo window…stunning!