Oz Window Completed

The Oz window is completed and in place. The finished window can be seen in the photo above. In the picture to the right, Bill is foiling the pieces in preparation for soldering. To the left, Irwin is seen finish soldering on the back of the window. Once the soldering was done, the window was cleaned and a darkening patina was applied to the solder lines to turn them black rather than silver.

The window is now in place in a window seat on the finished attic/third floor of our home, waiting for trim molding to cover the outside edge. The window will primarily be seen at close range, due to the placement within the room. The photo on the right was taken at night with a flash, showing how the window looks when it isn’t lit by sunlight.

Written by Century Studios


  1. looks great ! what is this glass used in the top for the sky ? some older
    production ?

  2. The sky glass is a recently acquired piece of Kokomo (not sure of the number) which is a yellow/pink mix. It has a nice wispy quality that Bill thought would be a perfect “Oz” sky color. I was surprised by how thick this particular piece of glass was when working with it.

  3. Thanks for the kind information.
    I wonder if it could be the right one
    for the geometric part in a Tiffany
    flowering lotus orb, but this is probably a matter of personal choice,
    as it does look different from the
    original- this for sure! But its good.
    And very nice in this window ( the entire window is magic, really well done ! so many charming details,I
    didn´t know the picture before)…Have a nice week 😉