Grape Window & 20″ Windswept Daffodil

 We were commissioned by a local client to create a Grape window. The window was positioned higher up on an interior wall between two rooms, so we kept the glass light and semi-transparent to allow light to flow from one room to the other. A variety of textured and mottled glasses were used in the leaves to provide fullness. The lush grapes in purples, blues and hints of reds are fully ripe and ready for picking.

We often work on two or even three projects at the same time. While Bill was busy choosing the glass for the window project, Irwin was completing a 20″ Windswept Daffodil shade for a New Jersey client. Pictured on the Twisted Vine base, the shade has warm yellow and green tones with accents of orange.

Written by Century Studios


  1. How much is the flower petal base for the 16″ Woodbine?

  2. We are happy to quote prices via email…you can contact us at or call our studio at 651-699-4838