Boreas Window

While Irwin has been working on lamp orders, Bill has been busy creating a new showpiece for the studio. Inspired by the 1903 John William Waterhouse painting titled Boreas, this window will be a multi-layered, plated window, displayed in a custom made light box.

Boreas is the god of the North Wind, and the painting shows a girl in flowing draperies buffeted by the wind as she travels through a blustery spring landscape.

Bill designed the window with a multitude of pieces to represent the flowing gown. In the photo to the right, the under layer of purple & blue glass is in place which will tone her dress. The piecework will be on top of this layer. So far, only minimal painting has been done on the face, which will require multiple kiln firings.

Written by Century Studios

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  1. This will be absolutely spectacular… you two do fantastic work!! Larry