22″ Maple Leaf

This week, we are pleased to introduce a new shade pattern to our offerings, the 22″ Maple Leaf. This is a Century Studios’ original lamp design. Inspired by the colors of the season, the 22″ Maple Leaf is a shade that captures the glory of Autumn.

Bill had been thinking of creating a lamp incorporating Maple leaves for quite a while and we were discussing which shape would work best for the design. Using the Tiffany Studios’ rule that floral shades should render the subject life size, the subject required one of our larger shade forms. When we received a request from a client for a 22″ Fall-colored shade which they could use as a large table lamp, Bill decided that the 22″ turban shape would be perfect.

Designing a new lamp design can be tricky because the design needs to look natural from many angles. We studied the leaves from a Maple tree in our yard for inspiration and Bill spent a lot of time working out the number and size of leaves to be included, along with the angle of the branches. He wanted the design to have movement, but not look like the tree was caught in a tornado! Once the design was finalized and Bill completed the patterns, Irwin took over the layout of this shade.

Our tree produces leaves of all sizes in brilliant hues of yellows, reds and oranges, and Irwin wanted to celebrate the vibrant colors while still creating subtle color variations. The goal was to create a blended color scheme but to still have the leaves individually discernible on the completed shade.

Once the glass selection was complete and all the pieces were cut and fit to the pattern, each piece of glass was wrapped in copper foil, transferred onto the form, and the shade was soldered together. In the photo to the right, Irwin is just completing soldering the inside of the shade and will be attaching the bottom rim as the final step before the cleaning and patina work can be done.

The finished shade, shown at the top of the posting on the Twisted Vine base, has been shipped to its new home in the Midwest.

Written by Century Studios