12″ Turtleback Lamp

At the studio, we are usually working on several projects at the same time. At the moment, we have two shades, a lamp base, and two windows going on simultaneously. This may sound counterproductive, but each project is at a different stage of production and gives us the opportunity to vary our work during the day. One window has been cut and fit, and is ready for foiling. The second is being laid out and is taking up both light tables. One shade is in the final stages of soldering, while the other is ready for foiling and final assembly. The lamp base is waiting for a light cluster and then it will be patinated and wired, ready for its debut in the showroom.

In the midst of all this activity, we have completed a 12″ Turtleback shade for the showroom. The background glass shifts from a pleasant off-white down to a vibrant green, which sets off the green turtleback tiles. Displayed on the Budding Gourd Pottery Base, this petite lamp would make a perfect accent light in any room of the house.

Written by Century Studios