22″ Nasturtium Shade

The 22″ Nasturtium commissioned by an East Coast client has been completed and delivered.

Large shades provide an generous canvas to blend colors. The glass in this large shade contains a plethora of colors and textures, creating unexpected juxtapositions of flat, textured, mottled, streaky, transparent and more opaque glasses. The glasses combine to present a lively rendering of Nasturtiums at the height of summer.

The 22″ Nasturtium is a shade pattern with three repeats in the design. The brightly colored flowers mound realistically on the shade as if they are growing over the piece. As with most Tiffany Studios’ lamp shade designs, the skillful rendering of the lifelike flowers makes the repeat difficult to easily discover.

Once the foiling was completed, the shade was soldered together and reinforcing wires were affixed to the interior of the shade, providing the additional stability which has enabled original Tiffany examples to last over 100 years in perfect condition.

22″ shades are quite versatile and are well suited to be used as large table lamps, floor lamps, or chandelier fixtures. Our client chose the highly detailed Bird Skeletonbase for the shade. This base features an organic surface with many cutouts from the legs and continuing on the stem which gives the base a light, airy feel. The distinctive Pigtail Cap completes the piece with an added touch of whimsy.

Written by Century Studios

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  1. Wow—absolutely gorgeous! I’m extremely impressed at the work you fellows do; I enjoy checking in to see what new projects are at hand.

    I’m planning to make one of these 22″ nasturtiums myself, later in the year, for use over the dining room table. I have some great glass at hand for the blossoms, but will probably make a trip to the Youghiogheny factory to look for a nice background glass…