16″ Geometric with Band of Squares

Tiffany Studios designed a variety of geometric shades that feel at home in any decor. These elegantly simple designs emphasize the glass selected for the shade. For this 16″ Geometric with Squares we chose a light butter yellow glass with a soft mottle for the main body of the shade. The accent rows at the bottom of the shade consist of two pale green horizontal rows and a decorative band of squares in wispy blue mixed with pale yellow. The shade is shown on the Small Stick base (20″ tall) in the above photo.

The simple elegance of the Small Stick base imparts the finished lamp with a traditional look. Moving the shade onto the organic Tall Flower Petal base (20″ tall) softens the visual profile of the lamp.

This 16″ Geometric with Squares lamp is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom.

Written by Century Studios