16″ Turtleback

Tiffany lamps can enhance the style of any decor and this 16″ Turtleback shade embraces the melding of a classic Tiffany lamp design into a modern setting through the use of strong color choices. Our client was looking for an accent lamp combining dark teal and orange to pull his room together and decided on the turtleback shade pattern. We had a nice selection of orange/amber turtlebacks, but finding a teal glass that wasn’t too green or too blue was a challenge. 

Our client specified that he did not want a “green teal”. We began by looking at single color glasses but the color always came across as too aqua, too cobalt, or too bright. After much searching, we hit upon a two color mix with the elements we had been searching for. The mix of sea foam green and cerulean blue blended together to give just the right tone for the piece. The mix of colors also gave us the opportunity to shift the tone of the background from slightly bluer at the top to greener at the bottom.

 The shade is shown on the classic Small Stick base (20″ tall). After receiving the completed lamp, our client in Atlanta sent a note saying it was the perfect color accent for his room.

Written by Century Studios