18″ Geometric Moorish Turban

At Century Studios, we recreate a wide variety of Tiffany Studios’ geometric lamp designs. One of the more unusually shaped geometric patterns is the 18″ Geometric Moorish Turban shade. This shade has a unique onion dome profile that begins quite small at the top and flows outwards before curving back in at the bottom. The geometric tiles are horizontally bisected by a decorative border row. To visually ground the design, the two border rows at the bottom have an arch motif.

This shade was created for the owners of the Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Company in Pennsylvania and they provided us with a selection of six glasses from their line of True Dichroic sheet glass to work with. While related to one another, each of these glasses had their own distinctive coloration when viewed on the light table. We were given the freedom to employ as many of the colors as we wanted to and Irwin Terry took it as a challenge to use all six sheets to create a smooth color transition from top to bottom. Much time and care was taken to blend the colors together.

Shades with an undercut must be removed from the form in two pieces and put back together later in the soldering process. Once the upper interior is soldered, the lower half is reattached and the soldering is completed. We shot a short video showing Irwin attaching the lower portion of the shade in place which can be viewed on or Facebook page.

This 18″ Geometric Moorish Turban shade is shown on the Decorated Trumpet base (24″ tall using a tall riser). The shape of the base is a perfect compliment to the shade.

Written by Century Studios