Spider Lamp

While we do not do lamp repairs, we will fix shades from our studio if something happens to them. This past week a local client brought in one of our lamps which was in need of minor repairs after a run in with a particularly destructive cat. The client had acquired the lamp a number of years ago in a local antiques shop. We were pleasantly surprised to see that, according to our shade numbering system which is part of our signature process, this lamp dated from 1989 and was the first 15″ Spider we created. Even more surprising is the fact that we still had a small fragment sized piece of the same Oceana glass we used to make the shade AND that Bill Campbell located the piece in a matter of minutes. 

In 1989 we acquired the mold for the shade, the bronze spider legs, and the spider cap from Studio Disselhoff in Los Angeles. Throughout the 90’s we would continue to source spider crowns and caps (and many lamp bases) until 1999 when Willy Disselhoff retired and we bought out the studio. This past week we received a phone call from a retired glassmaker who informed us that Willy Disselhoff had passed away on October 17, 2023 at the age of 95.

Written by Century Studios