22″ Elaborate Peony

We have completed the 22″ Elaborate Peony shade for our West Coast client. The shade is shown on the elegant Lion’s Foot base. This base can be telescoped to be made taller.

With over 1000 individual pieces of glass, the Elaborate Peony shade is a challenging and exciting piece to create. Bill Campbell spent several weeks selecting, cutting and fitting each piece of glass for this complex shade. 

The shade consists of three repeated sections with highly detailed interlocking piecework. While some pieces are clearly flowers, leaves, or borders, much of the design can be one thing or the other, allowing the glass artist to showcase exceptional glass choices in an Impressionistic way.

This pattern is often referred to as the Windswept Peony due to the complexity of the design which gives the impression of movement.  The 22″ Elaborate Peony is one of Tiffany Studios masterpiece shade designs and it is always exciting to create one of these lamps.

Written by Century Studios