22″ Peony on Mosaic Turtleback Base

The peony was a favorite Tiffany floral motif, and the showy flowers appear with frequency in mosaics, windows and lamps. The distinctive bloom has over 40 varieties and is known as the “flower of riches and honor”. Peony flowers come in a wide range of colors, inspiring the glass artist to showcase spectacular glass when creating a shade. For this 22″ Peony, a variety of orange/red, yellow/red, and textured deep blood red glasses set the flowers off against a purple/blue background. Rippled border rows enhance the three dimensional quality of this shade. This lamp was commissioned in the early 1990’s by a local client and this was the first Mosaic Turtleback base we created at our studio. At that time, we used Studio Disselhoff to cast the metalwork. The glass mosaic and setting the band of illuminated turtleback tiles were completed at our studio. Since acquiring the casting molds from Studio Disselhoff in February 2000, we now make the entire base at Century Studios.

Written by Century Studios