What is in the Showroom?

With the holidays fast approaching, we receive many requests asking what is available in our showroom. Here are the pieces that we have made up.

At the top of the page is the impressive 28″ Grape Trellis Chandelier. This generously proportioned shade will become the focal point of any room. On the left in the above photo is the the 9″ Iris Torchiere. The central image shows the 12″ Zodiac shade on the Torpedo base. Both the Iris and Zodiac are original Century Studios shade designs. To the right is the delicate 9″ wide Chain Mail Lantern. This the length of this hanging fixture can be adjusted as needed.

The two 16″ domed shades shown above can be used with many different bases. To the left is the 16″ Apple Blossom on the Greek Urn base, while on the right is the colorful 16″ Woodbine on a one of a kind Pottery and Bronze base.

The 17″ Bat shade hovers expectantly over the sculptural Bat Mosaic base. The 12 Light Lily Table lamp will provide a warm glow to any room. We also have a 5 Light Ceiling Lily, 7 Light Lily Chandelier, and 8 Light Octopus Lily Chandelier, a 5 Light Lily Wall Sconce, and two single chain pendant fixtures with blown glass shades on display (not pictured here).

The 20″ Waterlily on the Grooved base is a year long reminder of the lazy days of summer.

 All of these lamps are currently on display in our showroom and are available for immediate purchase.




Written by Century Studios