25″ Mandarin Lotus

The 25″ Mandarin Lotus shade is a uniquely shaped Tiffany shade. Many Tiffany lamp designs were inspired by water plants, and this pattern emulates the large round leaves of the lotus plant. The pattern of the lead lines takes its cues from the veining in the leaves, and the three dimensional accordion pleat surface brings the pattern to life.

 For this exciting shade, a rich amber tone was chosen that shifts in density from the top of the shade to the bottom, eventually blending into a pale yellow glass at the lower edge. The subtle shift is accentuated through the density and mottling in the glass, and careful modulation of the accent color at the edge.

Once the shade is cut, foiled, and fit to the lamp form, the long process of soldering the shade begins. Gravity compels hot solder to run downhill, so the pleated surface of this shade creates soldering challenges that don’t usually occur. The shade must be placed at many different angles to allow the solder to flow and bead properly. The inside of the shade is also carefully soldered in the same way.

Once the shade has been soldered, each rib is accentuated with hand applied wire work. This is a painstaking process, where copper wire is attached to each rib. Each lead line and tacked wire is then gone over again to ensure a gentle solder bead which evens finishes the look of the rib.

The 25″ Lotus has an irregular lower edge which is finished with a half round copper wire. In addition to adding strength to the shade, the bottom wire finishes and smooths out the pieces creating a pleasing visual lower edge.

Commissioned by a local client, the shade is shown on the slender Artichoke Trumpet base. This is a taller, 6 light version of our standard Artichoke Trumpet base. The taller base would be appropriate for this design or the umbrella-like Parasol shade.

Written by Century Studios