28″ Magnolia Part 3, The Completed Shade

After weeks of diligent work we completed the 28″ Magnolia shade for our client in North Carolina.

The glass for the shade is a carefully selected blend of white and amber tones. The larger flowers showcase hand folded drapery glass that was made in the 1980’s and early 90’s by Schlitz Studios. Tiffany Studios only selectively used hand folded drapery glass in Magnolia shades, so to enhance the three dimensional qualities of the flowers Bill Campbell chose a variety of textured glasses for the petals.

The design of the 28″ Magnolia represents a magnificent tree in full bloom. The color of each flower was chosen to create the intricate highlights and shadows you would experience when looking at a magnolia tree.

The background shifts from light amber/yellow at the top down to a deeper amber tone on the lower half of the shade. The completed shade has a warm, inviting personality. Our client will display the shade on a large floor lamp base.

Written by Century Studios