Autumn Leaves Ball Lamp

Century Studios is pleased to present a new original shade design, the 8″ Autumn Leaves Ball on Doric Column base. 

Bill Campbell designed this compact shade to capture the brilliant colors of the trees that surround us at this time of year.

The 8″ shade has a non repeating design of branches and leaves set against a blue sky. We rolled the sky glass at our Century Studios furnace in the early 2000’s. Our furnace has long been out of operation, and this is the last of this particular wispy blue sheet glass we had left. 

Every angle of the shade presents colorful surprises as the leaves overlap with one another as can be seen in this bird’s eye view. 

The shade is mated with the Doric Column Torchiere base. The base is 6.5″ square at the bottom, the shade is an 8″ ball, and the overall height of the lamp is 20.5″ tall. This lamp is currently available for purchase from our studio showroom. NOTE: The lamp has been purchased since this posting was listed and is no longer available.

Written by Century Studios