Bird Skeleton Base

Century Studios is pleased to reintroduce the Bird Skeleton base to our lamp base offerings. The base, sometimes referred to as the Organic Root base, has four lights, is 26″ tall, and can be used with 20″ or 22″ shades. We used to get this base from Odyssey until they ceased producing metalwork. We now create the waxes for this base at our studio and have it cast in bronze using our local foundry.  Once we get the raw bronze casting back from the foundry, all finish work is completed at our studio.

One of the features of the Bird Skeleton base is that the bronze is pierced with openings, giving it a visual lightness. To create these openings, we pour the wax and then hours are spent painstakingly cutting out and cleaning up each opening by hand.

The two lamps shown on this post include a 20″ Waterlily (commissioned in 2006)  and a 22″ Elaborate Peony (commissioned in 2014).

Written by Century Studios