Iris Lantern Part 3 – The Completed Fixture

We have completed the Iris Lantern Chandelier Fixture. At 25″ tall (from the hanging ring at the top to the bottom of the lantern) and 13 1/2″ wide, this is a large and impressive piece. While Tiffany Studios often included irises in their windows, this exceptional fixture is one of the few examples of irises in a Tiffany lamp design.

As each of the six side panels were soldered together, they were positioned in place within the bronze framework. Bill Campbell is seen doing a final check of the fit on one of the sides before it is permanently installed.

Once the panels were fit, Irwin Terry installed each side into the cast bronze framework. The fixture was then cleaned and patinated.

The completed Iris Lantern Chandelier Fixture has a majestic presence. The fixture is quite heavy, weighing in at just under 45lbs. The total length of the fixture is variable.

The bronze casting is highly detailed from every vantage point. The underside of the piece features sculpted bronze openwork roots in deep relief. The three dimensional roots play across the bottom of the fixture. The round door at the bottom is made up of a tangle of roots.

Each of the six sides of the lantern are unique, and the combination of bronze and glass presents a three dimensional garden of delights. This commanding fixture is currently on display in our studio showroom and is available for purchase.

Written by Century Studios