Lamp Bases

Our bronze foundry reopened last week, and we were able to pick up a number of lamp bases that were nearing completion at the time of the shutdown. We were also able to drop off waxes for upcoming orders. As discussed in our November 3, 2019 blog post ( we create each of our bases using the lost wax casting method in bronze.


In the above photograph, we are showing the bases we picked up this week in several stages of completion. Lower right is the raw bronze casting for a Square Turtleback base – this is the how the metalwork comes back to us from the foundry. Lower left is a Tall Flower Petal base that has had its spun copper body and light cluster completed and is now ready for patina. Upper right is an Artichoke Trumpet that has its patina finished and is ready for wiring, and upper left is a Peacock base that is fully finished.

The Artichoke Trumpet base was made for this 20″ Waterlily shade which was in our showroom and was purchased by a client in Virginia. Here is the completed lamp.

Written by Century Studios