Mermaid w/Nautilus Shell Lamp

One of Tiffany Studios’ more unique lamp designs is the Mermaid w/Nautilus Shell.

The highly detailed cast bronze base depicts a double-tailed mermaid riding the crest of a frothing wave while holding an illuminated nautilus shell above her head. The mermaid base was sculpted by artist Louis Gudebrod. Mr. Gutebrod’s signature appears in low relief on the casting and thus is the only lamp base designer credited by Tiffany Studios.

The nautilus shade is built on a wooden form. Curving in on itself, the shade must be made in interlocking sections which are then carefully assembled to create the finished shell (this production photo is from an example created at our studio in 2009). 

To give the shade a pearlescent look, we chose a semitransparent white glass that is lightly mixed with whispy blue, yellow and pink.

Tiffany Studios used the nautilus shade with several different bases, but this has always been the most coveted shade/base combination.

The siren song of the mermaid is exemplified in this highly detailed accent lamp (16″ tall).

Written by Century Studios