Multiple Projects

Last week, we were working on several ongoing projects at the same time. Soldering on the suite of Magnolia Windows for our client in Ohio is nearing completion and took up almost all of Irwin’s time. Meanwhile, Bill was busy foiling the Magnolia panels so Irwin could keep soldering. Once the foiling was completed, Bill started attacking his backlog of window drawings which he has to complete for upcoming projects. We also were busy pouring waxes to take to the foundry for several bronze bases that are on order.

Last week, phone orders were brisk for the 2010 Ephraim Faience Pottery/Century Studios Limited Edition Dragonfly Vase (see our posting from February 5, 2010 for more information on this vase). The edition is selling well, and there is only a couple more weeks to place your pre-order (or a maximum of 50 pieces, whichever comes first), so if you are thinking of ordering this vase…call now before the edition is sold out!

Written by Century Studios