This Week At Century Studios
At Century Studios, we always have more than one project being worked on at any given time, and the past two weeks found Bill Campbell and Irwin Terry working on two different 16″ shades and completing several lamp bases. While Bill did the layout on a 16″ Dragonfly shade, Irwin worked on putting together several lamp bases. Completing the metalwork, Irwin then joined Bill to foil the Dragonfly shade and began working on soldering the shade.
Bill moved ahead with the layout of a 16″ Geranium shade, completing the layout, cutting and fitting while Irwin soldered the Dragonfly shade. We will show the completed shades in upcoming posts.
Here are a few of the bases we have on hand at the studio right now. The Library base has been sold since we took this photo and we also have several other bases made up at present. Any of our lamp bases and shades shown on our website can be made to order.
Written by Century Studios