16″ Dragonfly on Dragonfly Mosaic Urn base

The 16″ Dragonfly shade is one of our most popular Tiffany reproduction lamp designs. Semitransparent deep green glass mixed with blue was chosen for its watery appearance. Seven green eyed dragonflies spread their filigreed wings around the shade. The shade is mated with the classic Dragonfly Mosaic Urn base. This base was designed by Tiffany Studios specifically for this shade.

The generously proportioned bronze urn is decorated in sculpted relief with dragonflies in flight above flowering water plants. Glass mosaic is painstakingly fit and hand applied by Bill Campbell. Taking inspiration from the colors of the shade, Bill began with a celadon green at the top which transitioned into blue on the lower half of the base. Once the mosaic was complete, the glass tiles are grouted and the patina on the bronze is finished. The glass chosen for the mosaic has an iridized luster surface which catches the light and shimmers. This lamp was commissioned by a local client.

Written by Century Studios