16″ Pomegranate

The 16″ Pomegranate is one of Tiffany Studios many popular shades that incorporate a decorative band bookmarked by geometric glass tiles. For this shade, we used a warm orange/amber glass for the main body of the shade with the pomegranates in a slightly deeper tone.

The glass used for the body of the shade has the unusual property of changing color when illuminated. Developed by the Youghiogheny Glass Foundry, the glass is called True  Dichro. True Dichro glass is one color in reflected light and changes to another when illuminated. For this shade we chose a glass that looks olive green unlit and changes to orange/amber.

This shade was commissioned to be used on a Budding Gourd Pottery base as shown at the top of the post. We have also photographed the shade on the Poppy Pottery base, a new addition to our line of bases. The shape of the base is inspired by an original Grueby Pottery lamp base used by Tiffany Studios. The shape is reminiscent of the seed pod of the poppy flower. This base is 18″ tall and will work for 14″ and 16″ shades.


Written by Century Studios