18″ Geometric Moorish

Tiffany Studios created a plethora of geometric shade designs in all shapes and sizes. The 18″ Geometric Moorish shade has a unique onion dome profile and which is accentuated by the addition of a wide pierced metal band at the top of the shade. The geometric tiles are horizontally bisected by a decorative border row. To ground the design, the two border rows at the bottom have an arch motif.

Variations of amber and green were chosen for this shade. The solid green at the top of the shade subtly fades into golden amber above the decorative border giving way to warm amber on the lower portion of the piece.

An overhead view of the shade shows the subtle interplay of colors. Six different closely related glasses were skillfully blended to created this shade.

Shades with an undercut must be removed from the form in two pieces. On the left, Irwin is completing the soldering on the upper portion. Once the upper interior is soldered, the lower half is positioned and the soldering is completed. A solid brass rim is attached to the bottom of the shade to complete the piece.

Commissioned by a client in Texas, the 18″ Moorish shade was mated with the Grooved base. The tall slender stem of the base perfectly compliments the shape of the shade. The unique shape of the shade also makes an appealing chandelier fixture.

Written by Century Studios