18″ Grape Lamp

We have been working on an 18″ Grape shade. This shade is one of the four 18″ tree-style lamps designed by Tiffany Studios which have a large cast bronze crown at the top.  We decided to create this shade as a two sided lamp – one side features deep blue and purple tones, while the opposite side is lighter, with greens, reds and oranges. The technique of shifting the color of a lamp from one side to the other allows the viewer to have two lamps in one. Tiffany Studios would occasionally create dramatic “night and day” shifts in color on a single lamp.

The areas between the two color schemes are delicately blended so the coloration flows naturally from one side to the other. In the photo at the top, the lamp is completely cut and shown laid out flat on our light table so we can make final adjustments to the colors. Irwin has been busy soldering the shade together and we will show the completed lamp in a future post.

Written by Century Studios