18″ Peacock Shade on Peacock Base

The 18″ Peacock Lamp is the perfect marriage of shade and base. Tiffany Studios designed the impressive Peacock base (29.5″ total lamp height) specifically for this shade, and the shape of the base mimics the bird’s feathered breast. The shade consists of overlapping peacock tail feathers that playfully fan out across the surface of the shade.

To enhance the movement of the feathers, a finely textured, multicolored rippled glass was used throughout the shade. The deep red/purple glass at the top shifts into blue purple tinged with emerald green. Each feather is defined by the signature “eye”. The lighter yellow and green tones at the bottom of the shade reflect the colors in the eyes.

The sturdy bronze Peacock base is decorated with highly detailed sculpted tail feathers. For the eyes on the base, stained glass is inset into the bronze. Since these eyes do not light up, we chose reflective lustre glasses which catch the light as the viewer approaches the lamp. This impressive lamp was commissioned by a local client.

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Written by Century Studios