22″ Dragonfly

The 22″ Dragonfly shade is one of Tiffany Studios most popular shade patterns. This pattern is often referred to as the Drophead Dragonfly shade because the undulating lower edge of the shade is formed by the flying insects. The surface of this generously proportioned shade is studded with pressed glass cabochon “jewels”, further adding to the three dimensional quality of the piece.

The body of the shade is a mix of deep cobalt blue and brilliant green glass. The dragonfly wings are a blend of cobalt blue and yellow, with bodies in purple rippled glass. The pressed glass jewels in various colors were created by our studio in the 1990’s using molds taken from original Tiffany jewels.

We recently completed this 22″ Dragonfly lamp for a client in San Francisco and he chose the Perforated base (26″ tall, shown at the top) to compliment the shade. We have been working on expanding the base options for larger shades, and when we completed the shade we had four large table lamp bases made up in the studio. In the above photo, the shade is shown on the Large Bamboo base (27″ tall), The Arc base (26.5″ tall), and the Large Tree Trunk base (28″ tall).

Written by Century Studios