28″ Daffodil Shade Part 1

This year, we have had an exceptionally early Spring in Minnesota. There was actually no snowfall in the month of March, and with our warmer temperatures the flowers are bursting from the ground a month earlier than usual. Springtime always gets us in the mood to create daffodil shades.

We have been laying out a 28″ Daffodil shade. This generously proportioned cone was designed by Tiffany Studios to be used as a chandelier fixture, but also works as a very large table lamp or on a Junior Floor Base.

Large floral shades take more time than any other designs we create. Floral shades were originally designed at Tiffany Studios by Clara Driscoll (with input by Louis C. Tiffany). As we were cutting this shade, Bill (pictured above left) was heard to mutter, “the person who designed this lamp was crazy”. This can be said of almost every Daffodil shade created by Tiffany Studios because these designs always have a large amount of long, slender stem and leaf pieces crisscrossing the surface of the shade. It is this attention to detail and complexity that has made Tiffany shade designs the gold standard for stained glass lighting.

Written by Century Studios