Hollyhock Window

While Irwin has been working on lamp projects for clients, Bill has been busy creating this Hollyhock Window for our showroom.

The Impressionistic coloration of the window shows deep red hollyhock flowers in full bloom. A variety of glasses have been used including mottled, streaky, ripple, and fracture/streamer. The resulting window evokes a corner of a mature garden in the full glory of summer.

With a composition inspired by an 1863 oil painting by John LaFarge, this highly detailed window is 24″ x 36″. Bill composed the window to include an arched border that features unique insets in the upper corners. The insets are composed of polished quartz pebbles surrounded by one-of-a-kind fracture/streamer glass, which adds color and dimension to the window.

This window is currently available for purchase in our showroom.

Written by Century Studios

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  1. Wow, another gorgeous window—you guys do wonderful work!