Renoir Window Part 3

Once all the glass was cut, fit, and each piece was wrapped by hand with copper foil, soldering the window could begin. We started by soldering the “main” layer to which the plated layers would be added. The photo at the right shows Irwin soldering on the front of the window.

This window has extensive plating on both the front and back surfaces. Care must to be taken to thoroughly clean each piece of glass to be used on a plating layer before it is soldered in place because the added layer is permanently attached to the window. The photo to the right shows the back of the panel with the additional face piece soldered in place.

The photo to the left shows a detail of the soldered window. The figure without additional plated piece of glass is pale because most of the coloration is put on the piece that is positioned on the back of the panel. On the right side of the photo, you can see the face with both layers in position (the background has yet to be double layered).

After adding all of the additional layers, the window was completed and mounted into a light box. The window was then crated and shipped to our clients in New York City. The completed window is pictured below.

Written by Century Studios