New Shade and Base Design Debut

Century Studios is pleased to present two new additions to our offerings – a 12″ Zodiac shade and the Zodiac base.

Tiffany Studios created desk set accessories in many patterns, and often included small lamps to round out the sets. With over thirty individual pieces (each sold separately), the Zodiac pattern was one of the most popular of the desk set designs and included four different lamp options to round out the set – a Banker’s style lamp, a Harp style lamp for use with blown shades, a Turtleback Lantern style lamp, and this Traditional style lamp base which could be used with multiple shades. Taking our molds from an original example, we are pleased to now include this versatile base in our line of reproduction Tiffany lamp bases. The Zodiac base will work with any 12″ or 14″ shade.

The 12″ Zodiac shade is a Century Studios original design. Using design elements from the Zodiac desk set and also Tiffany Studios’ 22″ Zodiac shade, Bill Campbell created this shade to fit harmoniously on the Zodiac base. The shade features pressed glass jewels surrounded by a Celtic motif of undulating border rows which divide the shade into quadrants. For this example, green and blue border rows encircle amber/yellow glass panels and jewels.

The 12″ Zodiac shade also works well on several different bases including the elegant Torpedo base. The shade was created as a showroom piece, and sold to a local client within hours of being placed on display in our showroom this past week.

Written by Century Studios