Two Lamps Progress

This past week we made headway on the two elaborate shades we have in progress. Bill Campbell continued the layout of the 22″ Laburnum shade. With just under 2000 pieces of glass, this is a shade that takes concentration and commitment to create.

Each of the pieces is individually laid out, cut and fit to the pattern by hand. The piles of pieces may appear chaotic, but the pieces are organized and the patterns are numbered so each piece will find it way into place on the layout.

Irwin continued soldering on the 18″ Wisteria while Bill worked on the laburnum shade. Multiple copper reinforcement wires were soldered on the interior of the shade. These vertical and horizontal wires give the shade strength.

Once the interior was completely soldered, Irwin began applying a half round copper wire to fortify the irregular lower edge of the shade. In the photo the horizontal reinforcement wire is visible. The wires are soldered along the lead lines and are not noticeable when viewing the completed shade.

Applying the copper wire around the lower edge takes patience and a practiced hand. The wire is flexible, but is still stiff enough to give the edge strength.

Written by Century Studios