Woman in the Woods Window

We recently had the good fortune to have one of our early windows in the studio to be photo- graphed. This “Woman in the Woods” window was created as a studio piece in 1994, and was sold from the showroom. It recently changed hands and the current owner brought it by for us to revisit and photograph.

Inspired in part by an original Tiffany Studios window, this impressionistic piece has three plated layers of glass which gives the image depth and fullness. There is extensive use of fracture/streamer glass and drapery glass is utilized for the figure’s gown. Bill once again has painted the facial features and hair. The face was painted on a larger piece of clear glass with green fracture and streamers, some of which was acid etched to remove the fracture. There is no lead line around the face which gives the profile a softer effect. The borders of this piece are a little more elaborate than usual and enhance the jewel-like qualities of the window.

Written by Century Studios