18″ Alamander

The Alamander (also called Allamander and Allamanda) is a warm climate plant native to South and Central America which grows as a large flowering shrub. In the wild, Alamander is often found near streams and ponds and is a fast growing, sometimes invasive plant. It is often called “Golden Trumpet” even though cultivated varieties can have white or purple flowers.

We recently started this 18″ Alamander shade as a showroom piece, but a local client stopped by the studio and purchased the shade while it was under construction. The shade blends together deep orange, amber and yellow flowers against a backdrop of purple and blue that is tinged with yellow. The green leaves and stems enliven the rich tones of the background, playing off  the border rows at the top and bottom of the shade. The completed shade is shown on the elegant Library base.



Written by Century Studios