18″ Wisteria

The 18″ Wisteria has been our primary project for the month of May. Bill Campbell selected the glass and did the layout for this elaborate lamp. This 18″ shade has 1945 individual pieces of glass, each of which must be cut, fit to the pattern, and then foiled by hand with precision.

Once the pieces had been foiled they were transferred onto the wisteria lamp form and held in place by our house made tacky wax. This shade has a cast bronze crown at the top that mates with the sturdy Tree Trunk base.

After transferring all the pieces onto the form, Irwin Terry began the process of soldering the shade. Cast branches extend from the crown into the glass portion of the shade, enhancing the three dimensional look of the shade.

We usually try to follow up an elaborate project with a smaller shade but Bill Campbell moved right into the layout for a 22″ Laburnum after we completed the foiling on the wisteria. The laburnum has just as many intricate pieces as the wisteria.

Written by Century Studios