One of the more colorful climbing vines Tiffany Studios chose to immortalize in windows and on lamp shades is the Trumpet Vine, or Trumpet Creeper. We offer an 18″ and a 22″ version of this shade, and are pleased to be introducing the 28″ Trumpet Vine cone shade.

The plant is a natural choice for stained glass shades since the flowers come in a variety of colors including red, orange, red-orange, gold, and bright yellow. The plant has large, pendant flower clusters and distinctively shaped foliage. This semi-woody vine grows quickly and aggressively along supports such as arbors, fences and trellises. The long trumpet shaped flowers produce copious amounts of nectar which attracts hummingbirds and bees.

We have completed the layout, cutting, fitting and foiling on the 28″ cone, and Irwin will begin soldering the shade this week. The photo to the left shows a preview closeup of the shade, laid out on our light table. The distinctive fracture/streamer glass used in the shade was created at our studio. We will show more of this shade once it is completed.

Written by Century Studios