New Floor Base

Century Studios is pleased to introduce the¬†Twisted Vine Jr. Floor base to our line of reproduction Tiffany metalwork. Emerging from the round pad at the floor, the stem of the base is an ascending swirl of twisting vines. The bronze base is cast at our studio. The base is 57.5″ tall and is available with 4 lights or 6 lights.

The six light version is a perfect choice for 22″ shades, while the four light style can be used for 22″ shades and also for 20″ cone or domed shaped shades. The six light version is shown with the 22″ Dragonfly shade featured on our post from July 9 This shade and base are currently available for purchase together or separately from our studio showroom.

Century Studios now creates three Jr. Floor bases: Bamboo, Smooth and Twisted Vine.

Written by Century Studios