18″ Alamander

At Century Studios, we have introduced a flurry of new shade designs this spring. The most recent reproduction Tiffany shade design is the 18″ Alamander. This shallow cone features a wealth of flowers in full bloom across the surface of the shade. The shade is the same size and shape as the 18″ Clematis cone.

The Alamander (also called Allamander and Allamanda) is a warm climate plant native to South and Central America which grows as a large flowering shrub. In the wild, Alamander is often found near streams and ponds and is a fast growing, sometimes invasive plant. It is often called “Golden Trumpet” even though cultivated varieties can have white or purple flowers.

For this shade, we created flowers in a multitude of amber and yellow glasses, taking advantage of the deep oranges to create shadow and depth. The background glass for this stunning shade is executed in a fracture glass made by Schlitz Studios (Schlitz was an exceptional glass maker that has been out of business for over a decade). The warm amber background glass is accentuated with green and orange fractures which lends a fullness to the design. Texture was added to the shade with ripple borders.

The shade is shown on the Flask Base. This exceptional base has green glass blown into the bronze openwork.

Written by Century Studios