28″ Poinsettia Completed

We have completed the 28″ Poinsettia shade (see our posting from November 30, 2009).

After the soldering of the shade was finished, several vertical reinforcing wires were soldered along the lead lines on the interior of the piece. When in place these wires provide the structural stability that will keep the shade stable well into the 22nd century. Because the reinforcement follows the contours of the lead lines, the wires are not seen when the shade is lit. In the photo to the right, Irwin is seen attaching the bottom rim onto the shade. After the rim was completely held in place, bead chain was added to the lower edge of the shade.

28″ cone shades were traditionally created by Tiffany Studios for use as chandelier fixtures. They were also mated with Jr. Floor bases and on large table bases. This shade is currently being used on the impressive Eiffel Tower base, a beautifully intricate casting that has a lightness despite its large size.

Written by Century Studios