18″ Apple Blossom, part 2

Work continues on the 18″ Apple Blossom. After soldering the outside of the shade and attaching the cast crown at the top, the Fiberglas form was heated, the wax (which held the pieces in place before soldering) was melted, and the shade was removed from the form…Or more accurately, the form is removed from the shade, as can be seen in the short video clip below.

The video makes the process look much faster than it actually is! Heating a form of this type takes about 20 – 30 minutes. Once off the form, Irwin spent the past week soldering the interior of the shade and adding the reinforcing wires. In the photo below, Irwin can be seen attaching the copper wire to the irregular bottom edge of the shade. Much time is spent completely soldering the lower wire to provide support and a nice, finished lower edge.

Written by Century Studios