Hooch Bottles

Artist Nick McArdell or Turner & Scratch Pottery has completed a new batch of Hooch Bottles. These fantastic bottles are hand thrown and decorated, and each is emblazoned with a Skull & Crossbone design. Glazed inside and out, they are water/liquor tight and each comes with a cork. Each bottle is generously sized and will hold almost a complete bottle of your favorite, or most feared liquor. Priced at $110.00 each, they make an unique Valentine’s Day Gift.

Below, are pictured all the bottles currently available in our showroom!

Written by Century Studios

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  1. I’ve got my home-made Pimento Dram in one, and our hand-‘imported’ Ţuică (Romanian plum brandy) in another. For the Ţuică, the skull & cross bones is particularly appropriate: That stuff absolutely can peel paint! :^D