Spider Lamp & New Pots

We recently completed a 15″ Spider lamp for a client in Canada. This design features cast bronze spider “legs” and the vent cap represents the body of the spider.

Unlike real spiders, Tiffany Studios only designed the Spider shade with six legs rather than eight.

Bur Oak Pottery sent us a few new pieces, including two rare “Wally Birds”. Each piece of Bur Oak stoneware pottery is individually hand made, and the final salt glaze firing is done in a wood-fired kiln. Here is a sampling of some of the new pieces:

Two Wally Birds, an Amused Bird and an Owl

A Horned Dragon Vase

A couple of Raven Vases

Three vases – Bonzai Lidded Jar, Oak Leaf Bowl, and Lizard Vase

Written by Century Studios