18″ Moorish Geometric

It is always exciting for us when we add a new piece to our repertoire of reproduction Tiffany lamp offerings. This week we completed a new geometric shade – the 18″ Moorish Geometric. Adding this shade took quite a while since we had to have a new lamp form created. The process of creating a form begins by having the shape spun in plaster and then turned into a fiberglass mold on which we can build the shade. This process can take several months to organize and complete.

This Tiffany Studios shade design has a unique look that hearkens back to Louis Comfort Tiffany’s earliest styles of interior decoration. Taking inspiration from the onion domes used in the architecture of the Middle East, the 18″ Moorish Geometric lampshade makes a distinctive lamp. This shade can be used as a table lamp, or it can be inverted and hung as a pendant chandelier fixture. In the photo above, it is shown on the Doric Column base.

The shade was commissioned by a Midwestern client, and mated with a table base which perfectly accentuates the exotic style of the shade. The client provided a shiny brass perforated lamp base, which was reworked and patinated. The resulting combination of shade and base are a perfect match.

Written by Century Studios