25″ Rose Bush

Things always get hectic around the holidays at the studio, and this past Holiday season was no exception. Completed just in time for Christmas, this 25″ Rose Bush chandelier fixture was commissioned by a couple from the Boston area. The completed shade is installed as an inverted chandelier in their dining room. Inverted chandelier fixtures provide fill light in a room, bouncing the light off the ceiling.

The roses in this design are depicted in full bloom and have the look of a beautiful summer day. The clients requested blended color tones with strong pinks in the flowers. “Blended color tones” means that when we select the colors for the shade, we pick glass that has overlapping colors – greens with pink running through (leaves), pinks with a hint of green and yellow (flowers), amber with green and pink accents (background). The resulting color scheme has a fullness that is balanced and lush.

The 25″ Rose Bush shade also makes an impressive chandelier when hung “right side up”, as shown to the right. When suspended in this way, the shade is positioned closer to the table top and the light is directed down onto the table.

Upon receiving and installing the chandelier in time for Christmas, the client wrote, “It is quite striking and definitely the focal point of our first floor. You do amazing work. If we ever decide to sell this house in the years to come, it will definitely be an exclusion.”

Written by Century Studios