Inverted Chandelier Fixtures

We have had a run on chandelier fixtures lately. We have recently completed two pendant 7″ Geometric shades to hang over a kitchen island, a ceiling flush mount 14″ Geometric shade, and two inverted chandelier fixtures.

The first is a retrofit on a 22″ Dogwood shade we created some years ago which was purchased by a local client. The client recently moved into a new home and decided to have the shade hung as an inverted chandelier fixture. This large fixture has a total length of 36″ to hang from a 9′ ceiling over a dining table.

The second is a 16″ Woodbine shade which was commissioned by a couple in Maryland to hang over a table in their breakfast nook. The colors of the shade were chosen to be autumnal in flavor. The photo to the right shows one section of the lamp on our light table. Woodbine, or Virginia Creeper, turns fiery red in the fall, and this shade combines a stylized geometric honeycomb background with an abundance of lush foliage.

The ceiling in the area is 8′ tall, and the fixture was made to be 25″ in length. As with any inverted chandelier, the majority of the light is sent skyward to bounce off the ceiling and illuminate the room. This shade would work equally well on a table base. To the right we are showing the shade on the Mock Turtle base.

Written by Century Studios