11th Annual Arts & Crafts Show

We arrived bright and early, and at 9am on Saturday the doors opened on the 11th Annual Arts & Crafts Show at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds. With over 50 local, regional and national dealers specializing in early 20th Century period antiques, reproductions and new works, the show has something for everyone. Visitors to the show were numerous, and sales were strong on the first day. The show continues today from 11am until 4pm.

It was a chilly, gray fall day outside, but inside the “lamp cave” it was warm and glowing. Our Century Studios booth features over 30 lamps and lighting fixtures including our signature Tiffany reproduction stained glass and lily lamps. Our booth also showcases hand made pottery and blown glass vases.

Written by Century Studios


  1. What a marvelous display! You two always amaze me and are an inspiration to my efforts… Larry C

  2. Thanks…Glad you enjoyed visiting our booth virtually! Today we have to go in and re-set up the showroom so we can get right back at it again on Tuesday…It is no wonder we only do one show a year…

  3. Looks good. Hope you guys did well.
    Steve & Cherie
    Jemerick Art Pottery